Thursday, June 14, 2012

Nostradamus & LHC

Nostradamus referring to the times of tribulations - Century 9, quatrain 44:

Migrés, migrés de Genefue trestous,
Saturne d'or en fer se changera,
Le contre RAYPOZ exterminera tous,
Avant l'aruent le Ciel signes fera.

Translated into English, it says:

Leave, leave Geneva every last one of you,
Saturn will be converted from gold to iron,
RAYPOZ will exterminate all who oppose him,
Before the coming the sky will show signs.

LHC is an abbreviation for Large Hadron Collider, the world's largest scientific machine ever built. It is basically a circular tunnel of 27 kilometer long that is 175 meters below the earth's surface in the Franco-Swiss border area near Geneva. Sub-atomic particles are collided in the system in search of the hypothesized Higgs Boson and new particles predicted by the supersymmetry theory. The occurrence of microscopic black holes and strangelets hasn't been ruled out conclusively, although mainstream science in close collaboration with mainstream media of course denies this is the case. Although black holes are said not to have been observed yet in LHC experiments, the next densest matter - quark-gluon plasma or quark soup - was reported on May 24 2011.

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