Sunday, June 3, 2012

Dark side of the light

They clutter each and every stage built by the filthy traitors of mainstream media. The pillars of society, those respected citizens, privileged celebrities and renown scientists that are actually the scum of this planet, Satan's whores who lie through their teeth whenever their unseen masters order them to do so.

Here's just one example in which the hidden hierarchy is openly admitted. There are many examples of similar cases, the best known of which are Tupac and Michael Jackson who also feature in clips on this subject in Youtube. Just Google or search in Youtube for their names and illuinati and you will find easy to digest media on this matter:

And then of course there are these professional liars, the 'experts' that are hired to misinform the masses. None of them warned a crisis was impending, yet all of them are now cramming the stage to tell how it happened and why poor folk have to bleed to support filthy rich banks. They are sent to the UN to host a PowerPoint presentation in which they prove Iraq had weapons of mass destruction, including nuclear arms and bio warfare systems. They travel the world to convince the people global warming is a threat that can be averted only by paying more taxes. They are dragged in front of microphones and cameras to urge you and your loved ones to take mercury crammed vaccines. They participate in every forum that wants you to believe that GMO's, pesticides, bactericides, fungicides, anti-biotics, fertilizers, bovine growth hormones and fluor etc. are not harmful to your health. They perpetually pound the audience with stories that dictators are a menace to their own people and should therefore be removed from power.

Lybia, like all other states that are on the US 'rogue nation' list are NOT controlled by the central banks. That is why they are being attacked and threatened by the US, the UN and NATO that are Rothschild proxies, like the Federal Reserve, the IMF, the World Bank and the Bank of International Settlements! You can swallow the lie for false reasons, thinking you will not undergo the fate of the people in the rogue nations, but remember: Satan smites his own, which means you are on his destruction list, just like rogue nation citizens and the ones who lied to you in order to believe the lies.
Of course these poems dreadfully lack artistic value, but perhaps you would like to take note of what is contained in them? Have a most wonderful day!

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