Wednesday, June 13, 2012

A good fart is worth the pain in your ass

A properly constructed fart-poem should not be absent in a decent poetry collection. Just don’t mind the people who tell you such a thing is ‘not done’. To be politically correct, is mindlessly complying with the hypocritical demands of the establishment that merely imposes useless rules on the masses to see if they are prepared to obey them without protest.

Annoying the crap out of corrupt leadership is a very useful thing to do; it makes them careful to impose stupid rules, while they consider compliant acceptance of their treacherous hallucinations to be encouragement to restrict the public’s freedom even more.

So, overtly fart and belch, pick your nose or scratch you butt anywhere and every time you know it will ‘upset’ the establishment or people who think they are admitted into those circles. They can not throw you in jail for such acts - remember, it is your constitutional right to fart anywhere you like.

And besides healthy medical reasons to not keep intestinal fumes inside, you should perhaps be aware of the fact that in medieval times it was some type of a social event to have a nice dump together with other people. Not that we should carelessly re-install medieval customs, but over time many cultures tend to lose some of their useful aspects.

If you want to make a meaningful social statement, fart as often as loud as you can in public. And in case it disturbs people, give them a link to this page so that they may gain an understanding for your freedom to fart.

Happy farting!

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